Stock Defense Program

The Vantage Advisor Stock Defense program is a service primarily offered to publicly traded companies who have a strong vested interest in the health of their stock price and increasing shareholder value.

The Stock Defense program takes advantage of the intricate set of relationships between public disclosures, public filings, company operational performance, investor relations, press releases, stock buy backs, financial engineering, mass communications, and social networks in an effort to control stock prices and expand market capitalization.

The program is actually administered by the Supra Vantage, our mother company. The Stock Defense program employs proprietary methods developed by the Supra Vantage research team that coordinate the various elements mentioned in such a way to exert a great deal of influence over a companies stock price under most circumstances without ever breaking any securities regulations.

The Vantage Advisor Stock Defense program is utilizing the various methods of communications available in a 21st century information driven world to actively engage market participants. The market participants are to be engaged in such a way to guide their thought process with respect to a company’s stock price.

Once a company takes significant control of the thought process of the market participants the task of influencing the stock price becomes a very attainable undertaking.

When we at Vantage Advisors decide to take on a client for the Stock Defense program we first assess the possibilities of the Supra Vantage methodology actually bringing value to a company’s efforts in expanding shareholder wealth.

If we see strong possibilities then we consult with the company’s management to define milestones that are usually expressed in the form of market cap expansion.

The objective will be to employ our proprietary methods to increase and sustain expansions in a company’s market cap. Our firm is usually compensated in the form of restricted shares, cash, and or cash equivalents.

The compensation for this program is primarily performance based.

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For those management teams that are interested in utilizing the Stock Defense program please use the contact us tab at the bottom of this page.

Please indicate you are interested in the Stock Defense program and provide your contact information. One of our staff members will get back to you usually with in 48 hours after we receive notification.

Please know we at Vantage Advisors stand ready to aid and assist companies meet their financial goals in any way we can.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve.