Form D Filing Service

The vast majority of offering types require a Form D filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This form is a disclosure document that must be properly filed with the securities regulators in connection with the overwhelming majority of private capital offerings. If a business owner intends to raise capital there are very few instances if any that do not require some sort of government filing. The Form D is the filing that will most likely be required depending on the type of transaction being executed.

Vantage Advisor’s Capital Division will file a Form D for a flat fee of $475.00.

For those business owners who wish to make use of our Form D filing Service they must first click the  “Client Intake Request” tab. Fill out the questionnaire. Make sure you select “Form D filing service”. A member of our staff will send a reply by email within 48 hours of the questionnaire being submitted. This email will contain a list of items the business owner will need to provide in order fro our staff to actually complete the Form D filing.