Document Preparation Services

When preparing an offering of any type several documents of many sorts must be prepared. Items such as subscription agreements, memorandums, prospectuses just to name a few. These documents are technical in nature. Much care and professional attention needs to be devoted to insure these documents are properly prepared. Offering documents that are not properly prepared can ultimately lead to costly corrections and unwanted legal headaches to say the least.

Vantage Advisors Capital Division works closely with a team of highly competent legal professionals that specialize in securities law. We are able provide document preparation services of the highest quality for a wide spectrum of offering types. 504, 505, 506, hedge funds, limited partnerships, reverse mergers, regulation A+, and Initial public offerings are all well with in the capability of our staff.

For those business owners who wish to make use of our Document Preparation Services the first step would be to complete the questionnaire after clicking  “Client Intake Request” tab.

Once the questionnaire is completely filled out our staff can make a complete assessment. Afterwards we can provide the business owner a detailed breakdown of the cost and time that will be required to fully prepare the required offering documents. Our company bills $300.00 per hour for Document Preparation Services.

 It usually takes our staff 3 to 4 business days to prepare a time and cost proposal for Document Preparation Services. Clients should allow this time for us to prepare a proposal for services.

Please note: There may be additional fees payable directly to any third party vendors, affiliates, or service providers that may at times be required to get involved during certain stages of the funding process.