Corporate & Entity Formation

Without exception, in order to obtain funding a business must form some sort of entity. It can be a C- corporation out of Nevada, or a limited liability corporation formed in Delaware, or some sort of fund/partnership domiciled in the Cayman Islands.

No matter what the source of funding may be, without a suitable entity being formed the probability of a business owner obtaining funding is slim to none at all.

Some business owners may have formed an entity already. In some cases those entities may or may not be suitable for the type funding being sought. In some cases the articles or bi-laws of that entity may or may not be suitable for the type of capital transaction being proposed.

In any case, Vantage Advisor’s Capital Division will aid, advise, and assist business owners in the proper formation of entities that will be best suited for the capital transaction they are looking to enter into.

For those business owners who wish to make use of our Corporate Entity and Formation services the first step would be to complete the questionnaire after clicking “Client Intake Request” tab.

Once the questionnaire is completely filled out our staff can make a complete assessment. Afterwards we can provide the business owner a detailed breakdown of the cost and time that will be required to fully prepare or amend a business entity so that it is properly positioned to attract funding. Our company bills $225.00 per hour for corporate entity and formation services.

It usually takes our staff 3 to 4 business days to prepare a time and cost proposal for any service request. Clients should allow this time for us to conduct our assessment.

Please note: The fees charged by our firm do not include any state or governmental filing fees that are required to maintain or make changes to certain business entities.