Blue Sky Filing Service

When conducting an offering to raise capital various states have regulations in place with respect as to how investors residing within their borders are to be engaged when solicitations are being made. For example, if an offering is completed and all the investors live in Georgia, Texas, and Florida. In that case Blue Sky Filings with those three states would have to be made. In short an entity must make Blue sky Filings for whatever states their investors reside.

Many states charge a nominal fee for making a Blue Sky Filings. In addition to the fess charged by the various states Vantage Advisor Capital Division charges a flat fee of $250.00 per state filing.

For those business owners who wish to make use of our Blue Sky filing service they must first click the “Client Intake Request”. Fill out the questionnaire. Make sure you select “Blue Sky Filing Service”. A member of our staff will send a reply by email within 48 hours of the questionnaire being submitted. This email will contain a list of items the business owner will need to provide in order for our staff to actually complete the Blue Sky filing on the entity’s behalf.