Products and Services

The Vantage Advisor’s Capital Division has a broad portfolio of services that can be purchased in a complete package or ala carte depending on the needs of the client.

We are truly a one-stop shop serving the capital needs of business owners at every stage of their organization’s growth process.

When clients utilize the services offered by our capital division they usually pay a flat fee or hourly rates ranging  from $225.00 to $300.00. The level of involvement and complexity that is specific to the circumstance will determine the amount of time that is needed to complete tasks on the client’s behalf.

However there will be some instances when we are required to file documents with various regulatory and governmental agencies, or provide on going management services after funding. In those situations the fees are typically flat or based on performance.

If a client wishes to utilize any of the services offered the and also find out the cost involved, they must initially click the “Client Intake Request”  tab and fill out the intake questionnaire. Afterwards our staff will carefully evaluate the task that needs to be performed. The client will then be provided with a detailed breakdown on the amount of time and expense that will be required to complete each task.

Below you will find a list of all applicable consulting, investment-banking, and professional services offered through The Vantage Advisors Capital Division;

Business Plan Preparation Services

Corporate & Entity Formation Services

Equity Valuation Services

Debt Service Coverage Assessment

Document Preparation Services

Form D Filing Services

Blue Sky Filing Services

Form 1-A Filing Services

S-1 Registration Filing

Marketing and Offering Placement

Corporate Treasury Management

Financial Liaison Service


Please note: There may be additional fees payable directly to any third party vendors, affiliates, or service providers that may at times be required to get involved during certain stages of the funding process.