Warrick Norman: General Partner 

Since 2008 Warrick Norman has been the General Partner of Vantage Advisors LLC. He is also managing partner of Vantage Advisor Group Inc., and Vantage Trading Company. He is also the founder and current managing partner of the Supra Vantage Fund LP.

 Warrick graduated with honors from the University of Florida with a degree in Finance. Warrick is an expert in Statistics, Finance, and Applied Economics. In addition he is very well briefed in the areas of Quantitative Theory, Calculus, Group Psychology and Market Behavioral Sciences.

Warrick passed the series 7 and 63.  He also passed the series 65 Investment Advisor and Securities Law exam as well. Warrick entered the investment profession in 1991. He worked over 17 years as a stockbroker managing and trading client accounts. Warrick has over 25 years of market exposure and investment experience.

 Warrick scored 100% on an aptitude exam administered by the firm WS Griffith Securities to entry-level analyst.

As General Partner, Warrick oversees all activities of the firm. However he does get actively involved in determining which clients the firm actually takes on. Warrick is also responsible for investment activities associated with the Corporate Treasury Management service. He is also responsible for assigning various tasks to members of our staff and professional affiliates. Additionally he is the primary person at the firm that makes sure all services rendered to our clients are adequately performed in a timely fashion.

Demarrius Crossley: Equity Valuation, Credit/Debt Evaluation, Business Plan Preparation 

In 2012 Demarrius attained his Master of Business from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix Arizona. In 2010 he graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi  with a degree in marketing. Demarrius specializes in valuation analysis, credit analysis, along market and strategic research. Demarrius has held a position at the firm since December 2012. He has been a great complement to our team.

Damarrius primarily plays a support role in the servicing of our clients. These service support specialties are in the areas of Business Plan Preparation, Equity Valuation, Credit Evaluation, and Financial Liaison support. Demarrius is a highly motivated and focused professional that has developed into an important contributor to our firm.


Sheldon Williams: Technical Advisor, Customer Relations, Corporate Treasury Management

In 2001 he passed the NASD Series 66 Nationally Registered  Investment Advisor and NASD Series 7 Stock Broker exams. Sheldon is a Registered SEC Transfer Agent. Sheldon is also a member of the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce. He has held positions with Ladenberg Thalman, and Oxford Asset Management. Sheldon has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of money management and trading. He also has a good understanding on the inner working of the financial industry. The knowledge and experience Sheldon brings to our team is in valuable. Sheldon will provide support functions in the Corporate Treasury Management department of the firm.


Troy Henry: Web Applications, Information Technology & Offering Placement

Troy Henry is the Company’s Chief Information and Technology Officer. Troy has 18 years experience in the information technology and programming industry.

He has a degree in computer sciences from Almeda University. Troy is Cisco, Nortel, CIW, and Novel certified. He also has an FCC license.

Mr. Henry has consulted with clients such as Florida Power & Light and NextEra Energy. He is also a former board member of the NAP Committee. Mr. Henry will provide technical support to the firm as well as our clients with respect to any web based applications and programming requirements. Troy will primarily focus in the areas of marketing and offering placement services during the funding stage. Additionally he will play a support role to our clients business operations after funding as well.


Ruth Janell Chambers: Content Editor & Business Plan Preparation 

Ruth is a very accomplished administrator and writer. She served 3 ½ years in the United States Air Force in the Contracting Department. Ruth also spent 8 years as an Assistant Vice President at Sun Bank. She has been the owner of Jagari Publishing Company since 2006. Ruth is presently the executive administrator of The New Jerusalem Church of God Inc, she also held a post as the Product Manager of World Duty Free. Ruth will provide the administrative backbone that will make the funding process as efficient as possible. Ruth will also be called upon on an as needed basis to edit an review the business plans that are prepared for our clients.

Calvin Vaval: Sales, Customer Relations, and Offering Placement 

Mr . Vaval attended New York University and has passed the Series 7 general securities exam. Additionally Calvin has over 8 years experience in the securities industry managing customer accounts. He also has an extensive back ground in Investment Banking and institutional sales. Over his career he help raise money for highly recognized companies such as Face Book. Calvin is currently the customer relations manager of our New York office.

During the funding process when needed, Calvin will introduce offerings that are being brought to market by our clients to various members of the investment baking community. He can also arrange for highly visible public relations firms to represent our clients when marketing their offerings as well.  Calvin will also work to cultivate relationships with new clients of the firm.


Tyler Mackey: Marketing & Logistics

Tyler is presently the president and CEO of T.M.T.  Adventure Capital Group. T.M.T. primarily helps business owners of all types take their business to the next level of profitability. They start by evaluating our client’s business or practice and determine where the greatest areas of opportunity are. After the evaluation they can then formulate a customized plan of action that will take our clients business to the next level of profitability. By leveraging their expertise and nationwide professional network they can give our clients the upper hand in the market; Instantly giving them the tools that would take years to gain access to. the T.M.T. program is unlike any other available to small/mid sized business owners. Major companies have leveraged these exact tools to be the giants they are today. However they spend thousands of dollars in trial and error. They have taken much of the guesswork out of it at a fraction of the cost. The T.M.T. team of advisers will help walk our clients through a customized and cost effective program, giving them the tools and resources required to rapidly grow their businesses

T.M.T. Adventure Capital Group will be called upon on an as needed basis to aid an assist our clients in strategic planning prior to funding. They will serve as a business resource and consultant to our clients once they have been funded.  


Cedric Burl: Marketing Affiliate

Cedric is an highly accomplished Internet Marketing Specialist. He has developed highly advanced interactive strategies that have been known to achieve business objectives in a highly efficient manner. In a sea of opposing content and indistinguishable information, Cedric has been able to develop proprietary methods that can significantly help our clients break ground in the areas of raising funds in the capital markets. Cedric’s proprietary methods have been known to be extremely effective and revolutionary in nature.

Cedric has a back ground in finance and marketing. He also attended Emory University. He is presently the chief moderator of Wall Street Insight, a free to join educational financial social network.

Cedric will play a support role in the Marketing and Offering Placement services provided to our clients.

Cedric has established blue prints designed to leverage the power of online media to command authority for our clients and their brands. Through brand streaming — real-time, ubiquitous, multi-directional and multi-format messaging — During the marketing and placement stage of an offering, Mr. Burl’s proprietary methods will enable our clients to reach qualified accredited prospects in a cost effective manner.

Moreover Mr. Burl stands ready to become a longstanding integral part of our client’s various executive teams to ensure ongoing success of their businesses after the funding stage.

Calvin Coates: Debt/Credit  Evaluation & Customer Service 

Mr. Coates finished North Carolina State University with a degree in Political Science. Calvin has over 10 years experience in customer service, banking, and sales settings. Calvin formerly held posts at New York branches of Citibank and Citi-Financial as a loan underwriter and processor. He also worked for Beneficial Finance and Reality Mortgage as an account executive as well. Additionally Mr. Coates gained invaluable experience while being employed by Homeq as a mitigation specialist in work out scenarios for high volume corporate clients.

Calvin will be called upon on an as needed basis to evaluate the terms of debt offerings being brought to market by our clients. He will also serve as a customer service point of contact during the preparation stages of our clients offerings.

Ryan Reusch: Corporate Treasury Management Support

Currently Ryan is the Chief Market Technician for the Supra Vantage. He has Passed Series 7 securities exam and formerly held a post as a registered representative with Morgan Stanley. Ryan is quite proficient in the areas of money management, economics, and logistics. He  will play a vital support role in the area of risk management once our clients have been funded. 

 Avery Pitts: Sales and Relationship Management 

Avery is an very accomplished business owner and real estate investor. He is presently an Initiative Enforcement Officer for Wall Street Insight and has an extensive marketing background. The primary function of Mr. Pitts will  be in the areas of cultivating new relationships with prospective customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers.