Funding Vehicles

The raising of capital can be one of the most difficult things an entrepreneur has to do. There are several challenges to attracting outside investors that many times seem insurmountable.  Unfortunately many business owners are not familiar with all the options that are available to them by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when it comes to raising funds.  They often overlook the financing alternatives or simply have not been introduced to the provisions afforded them.  So that means education and awareness are the primary keys to successfully attracting capital for businesses owners with unique needs and special circumstances.

Please understand all types of businesses are allowed to raise capital under SEC provisions so long as those businesses are legal. That is the only true prerequisite. So for this reason it is absolutely essential that any business owner looking to raise money be intimately familiar with the various funding vehicles that can be offered in the capital markets.

Vantage Advisors Capital Division is prepared to take an entrepreneur that is only armed with a great business idea all the way to the funding  stage and beyond. It does not matter what stage of business development your company may find itself in. There are always a workable solutions suitable to meeting the capital needs of your business.

Private Placements for example can be structured in a multitude of fashions to suit the unique capital needs of just about any company. A company can also take advantage of  a wide range of financing variations when structuring a Reverse Merger Agreement. Additionally when executing  Initial Public Offerings a company’s can raise funds under a wide range of terms and conditions while at the same time achieving broad reach and exceptional exposure. This is also true under the recently revised Regulation A+ exemption. Finally under Rule 144  there are many allowable circumstances under which various exit strategies can be structured in a practical and concise fashion.

So if you are an entrepreneur who is seriously looking for capital to purchase, expand, sell, or start up a business we strongly encourage you to carefully explore all the allowable funding vehicles in the marketplace. Many of which we at Vantage Advisors Capital Division are very well briefed. Please remember we stand ready, willing, and able to provide efficient road maps leading  to your company’s financial success.