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We at Vantage Advisors Capital Division are always looking to aid our customers in their capital raising efforts. For this reason we have posted a Featured Offerings page on this web site. This is where we make information available about exceptionally promising opportunities  to accredited, institutional, and highly sophisticated investors. We are asking members of the investment and financial community to regularly visit this web page for exciting new offerings that are being brought to market by our investment banking clients.

The collective financial intellect of our staff is second to none in the industry. We many times identify powerful opportunities that get overlooked by the vast majority of other players in the capital markets. Please take time to review the Featured Offerings on this web page. If any perspective investor would like to receive more detailed information about any Featured Offering in particular they will have to first fill out a standard suitability questionnaire. So specific information on this web page about the Featured Offerings is somewhat limited. But keep in mind before we at Vantage Advisors Capital Division feature an offering on this web page it must pass a rigorous due diligence examination and financial evaluation by members of our staff.

If any of our web site visitors have any questions about our offerings, products, or services please feel free to contact us at any time.

For now please take time to review our Featured Offerings.   We are sure you will find them quite interesting.    

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.


The Vantage Advisors Capital Division Staff


Featured Offerings

Fresh Melon and Produce Bag Inc. specializes in the production and sale of fresh fruit & vegetable preservation containers mainly through its patent protected preservation bag technology.

The company founder Raymond Breedwell has spent extensive time and resources cultivating a fresh fruit and vegetable preservation technology through the application of a re-usable storage bag. This patented protected method has shown to substantially extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. We see immense economic benefits to consumers by using such a product. The reduction in trips to the market along with less spoilage can translate into hundreds if not thousands of dollars over time for some households and businesses.   Click here to learn more.